As Next 10 launches its annual update to the California Budget Challenge, the challenge has shifted from mitigating deep program cuts and tax increases to making choices that will keep California moving in a positive direction.

This differs with the Budget Challenge published five years ago, which presented users with a deficit of over $25 billion and a handful of choices that no one liked.

Ten years ago, Next 10 launched the California Budget Challenge, challenging Californians to create their own budget for the largest state in America.

As California's fiscal year begins, Next 10 is releasing its newly updated version of the California Budget Challenge, which reflects the past months of hearings and political debate in the Capitol.

The nonpartisan online California Budget Challenge gives users a flavor for some of the tough choices lawmakers considered while crafting the state budget, including:

While lawmakers are working on appropriations bills to fund the government next year, they seem to have lost interest in trying to meet the country’s long-term fiscal challenges. But the newly updated Federal Budget Challenge (www.federalbudgetchallenge.org) gives citizens across the country a chance to succeed where Congress has thrown in the towel, letting users select policies to put the country on a fiscally sustainable path.

Next 10 and The Concord Coalition updated the Federal Budget Challenge.

In connection with the launch of the revamped 2012 California Budget Challenge, Next 10 commissioned a poll from the Field Research Corporaton on state budget issues. 

California Budget Choices answers questions about the budget such as where do revenues come from, where does spending go, and how do the continuing budget deficits happen.

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