Driving Transportation Innovation

October 1, 2009
Deborah Gordon

Findings from a meeting with venture capitalists, entrepreneurs & industry experts.

Transportation innovations that deliver near-zero emissions have a central role to play in mitigating climate change and bolstering energy security. With its nearly exclusive dependence on oil and internal-combustion engines, transforming transportation will be a heavy lift. Barriers standing in the way of industry, entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers make it difficult for the market alone to deliver sweeping greentech innovations. The cost of transformational change will, no doubt, be high. But the overall benefits could be even greater.

A strategic, sustained policymaking effort will be needed to trigger technology and market transformations leading to near-zero emission transportation.

This report explores policy options for driving near-zero emission transportation innovation. It was developed with input from an array of experts. While this is not a consensus document, there is general agreement among experts that a multi-faceted solutions toolbox – a mix of rules, incentives, RD&D, and other complementary policies will be needed to fully commercialize near-zero emission transportation innovations.