2010 California Green Innovation Index

January 1, 2010

The 2010 California Green Innovation Index is a brand new report produced by Next 10 and prepared by Collaborative Economics. The Index tracks California’s history of policy and technology innovation, and resulting economic and environmental gains or losses.
Research included in this 2010 California Green Innovation Index details:

  • California’s global leadership in green innovation continues to grow, attracting billions in investment dollars.
  • California’s green manufacturing jobs are growing while conventional manufacturing jobs are in decline.
  • California’s economy has profited from efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce its dependence on carbon.
  • Californians are getting out of their cars more to use public transportation, or using more alternative fuels when driving.    

This year’s Index includes two special features.  The first, “The Changing Business Climate in California: Impacts & New Opportunities” examines myths about California’s business climate and found contrary to conventional wisdom, the facts are:

  • Fact One: Electricity bills are lower in California.
  • Fact Two: California manufacturers spend a smaller percentage of total operating costs on electricity.
  • Fact Three: California’s electricity productivity in manufacturing is outpacing the rest of the nation.
  • Fact Four: More businesses are starting up in California than are leaving or closing.

The second feature “Manufacturing in the Core Green Economy; Growing Opportunities Across the Value Chain” finds thatCalifornia is experiencing a significant expansion in green manufacturing employment.


Next 10 gratefully acknowledges the following Advisors to the California Green Innovation Index:

Ralph Cavanagh
Natural Resources Defense Council

Michael Hanemann
California Climate Change Center, Goldman School of Public Policy, U. C. Berkeley

Hal Harvey
Climate Works Foundation

Elliot Hoffman
New Voice of Business

Dan Kammen
1935 Distinguished Professor of Energy Director, Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley

Bruce Klafter
Applied Materials

Joel Makower
Executive Editor,

Jason Mark
The Energy Foundation

Walter McGuire
McGuire & Co., Inc.

Joe Nation
Former State Assemblyman, District 6. Lecturer in Public Policy, Stanford University

Manuel Pastor
Professor of Geography and American Studies & Ethnicity, University of Southern California

Wendy Pulling
Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Carol Whiteside
President Emeritus Great Valley Center

Tim Woodward
Nth Power

Special thanks to Chris Busch, Morrow Cater, Christina Haro, and Roxanna Smith for contributing their expertise and Chen Design Associates for report design.