Allocating AB 32 Allowances and Fees

July 1, 2009

On April 16, 2009 Next 10 and the ICCT convened a GHG allowance/fee revenue allocation workshop in Sacramento.


  • Gather key stakeholders and decision-makers to hear from leading experts and review their research related to the different options for handling AB 32’s GHG allowance/GHG fee revenue allocations, including experience in other jurisdictions. Mix policy level, real world, and academic perspectives.
  • Review interests and highlight where we might have consensus and where there are different perspectives.
  • Recommend issues and agenda topics that would help frame upcoming California Air Resources Board meetings and potential legislative meetings.
  • Identify key AB 32 objectives such as equity, efficiency, and technolog innovation and identify policy options for achieving these goals.
  • Identify additional research needs/other recommendations on moving forward on this topic to support successful implementation of AB 32 objectives in California.


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