California Ranks Near Top In U.S. Job Creation

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Ed Joyce
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Capital Public Radio

A new analysis shows California ranks high in the rate of job creation compared to other states.

The report, "California New Business Creation," was written by Beacon Economics for the nonprofit, nonpartisan group Next 10, which is based in San Francisco.

Next 10 founder Noel Perry says the analysis uses 2013 U.S. Census data to show California's "business climate" compares well to other states.

"California tied for fifth in establishment entry rates of new businesses, we tied for fourth job creation rates from new firm growth and we ranked fourth in total net job creation," says Perry.

Perry says the report shows California is near the top of many key state-by-state rankings for new-business expansion and small-business growth.

"California is in the top-10 of all states in the rate of small business creation and it's companies with one-to-four employees," says Perry.

Perry says California is also ranked fourth in total net job creation.

Next 10 also released "Compare 50," an online database that provides comparative state-by-state business index by selecting from 145 economic and demographic indicators.  

"Compare 50 puts the power of data at the fingertips of anyone who wants easy access to the economic, societal, and business trends playing a critical role in their local communities and across the nation," says Perry of the "tool" created by Beacon Economics. "Understanding how your state’s strengths and weaknesses affect jobs, wages, education, business creation, housing, and the cost of living is key to building a better future."