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Transit stations operated by the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System have been judged the worst of the state’s six major rail transit systems for such qualities as ridership and proximity to job centers, while its Gillespie Field Station was graded the lowest overall in the state.

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San Diego's transit stations got a poor review in a statewide survey measuring how well the stations encourage ridership. The report from the non-partisan group Next 10 finds the local transit station system doesn't do a good job of serving neighborhoods that can exploit transit. 


Encouraging Californians to use the state's light-rail systems instead of driving is being promoted as one way to combat climate change. A report out today from UC Berkeley and the nonprofit Next 10 rates transit systems like the Metro in Los Angeles and BART in San Francisco, and finds that stations in downtown areas give California the most "bang for the buck" in terms of increasing ridership and fostering vibrant neighborhoods.

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The Center for Law, Energy and the Environment at UC Berkeley and Next 10, a nonprofit organization studied 489 rail transit stations and their neighborhoods across California. The research included grading 88 Metro rail and busway stops.

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